Innovation - Inspiration - Product - Price - Delivery

Innovation - Inspiration - Product  - Price - Delivery
We started Direct Sourcing Group because we listened to you - our customers.

You told us you wanted reliable, transparent sourcing from the best factories we could find. You wanted to be able to cut small quantities as well as larger orders.
You wanted to be able to pay either FOB or LDP. So we found what you asked for.

For your sweater sourcing, you wanted the best machinery - Stoll Machinery - and you wanted a programmer who would listen to your needs and have the technical knowledge as well as a European appreciation of style - to make your samples and production the way you and your demanding customers had to have it. So we found you someone.

You told us you wanted your emails answering daily, your time-in-action charts accurate and your pricing targets met. We found the very best people for that too.

You told us you wanted someone to help your design team by adding inspiration and factory samples . So twice a year, our factories make their own collections and bring them to you to borrow, sample and be inspired.

We offer our Trend Reports covering retail, R
unway and street.

You said you wanted to open the doors to customers so they could communicate and share what they like and want to buy - so we started exploring social media. Now we have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed to share and talk to real people and then bring that information back to you. We run tweets where our followers "like" the style, trend or ideas we present to them. We have a retail shopper who reports back to us from a major retail store - on what's selling and what's not.

We promise we are committed to the business of Fashion, the business of looking good, of being Stylish, the business of feeling beautiful, the business of making money by producing the right item, the best quality, at a fair price.

and we promise we are committed to listening to you - our customers.

If you are looking for any of the things OUR current customers were looking for ... maybe we should talk.

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